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Shenzhen Kean Silicone Product Co.Ltd
Shenzhen Kean Silicone Product Co.,Ltd
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Quality Checking[2016/1/15]
every silicone beads will be checking via our quality checker so we can ensure the beads and necklace quality
silicone beads stock with fast shipping[2016/1/11]
teething beads in stock for shipping time.
All our different silicone beads is made by design molding. not only silicone beads, we also can custom your own special design in silicone product as factory
Design Team[2016/1/15]
Kean silicone factory have a design team for teething jewelry include teething beads necklace, teething pendant, teething chew toy for mommy and babies
Custom packaging[2016/1/15]
most customer care about the silicone beads necklace packaging for your own brand.it is a great idea so we also designed some silicone beads necklace as reference and if you had a better idea, we also can custom it for you
Offering a variety of necklace[2016/1/22]
We are an silicone beads factory and we can produced 35kinds different sililcone beads size for mom teething necklace and all our beads is made of food grade silicone so it is so safe for mom wearing and baby chewing

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