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Promptional 15mm round beads metallic color

Product categories: Silicone Beads
Material:100% food grade silicone
Lead time:3-7 working day
Certificates:FDA, CPSIA,CCPSIA,BPA Free
Payment Terms:Paypal or Bank Transfer,T/T,L/C
Hotline:(+86)-181 2368 7087

       Promptional 15mm round beads metallic color

        Silicone Teething Beads Metallic can be designed a lot of special silicone metallic beads necklace, especial for stylish mom, also silicone teething beads

necklace can chew for babies. the material is bpa free in silicone so it is so safe. we are an wholesale in silicone teething beads so we can offer you a lot of different size and colour for your customer choice.

More details in silicone teething beads  as below


100% bpa free silicone


9mm round beads size

12mm round beads size

15mm round beads size

19mm round beads size

Flat oval beads

Hexagon beads

Flower beads

45kinds or custom...


Pearl White, Golden, Silver, Copper, Red

,Yellow, Green...26kinds or custom from Panton C color chart

Necklace accessory

Matched color in cord

Clasp in white and black

Safety Certification

PE bag for loose beads
MOQ1000pcs/bag in per color
DIY different stylish silicone beads necklace

Necklaces Accessory for silicone teething beads

Packaging PE bag for silicone teething beads


Teething necklace Certificate: LFGB, BPA Free, EN71 etc.

Kean Silicone Certificate: BSCI, ISO9001

Our Factory

Kean Silicone Product Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, specializing in development and production of injection molding liquid silicone products with the most advanced injection molding, automatic production without human intervention, using 100% of the USA food grade liquid material.

Over 10 years of experiences in silicone products industry and outstanding engineering workers we would provide our customers with professional designs and development. We are specialized in silicone baby teething product, silicone necklaces, silicone pendants, silicone beads, silicone bangles, silicone teething toys, pacifier clip.

Kean Silicone uses high-precision, high efficiency, automatic liquid silicone rubber injection molding process, becoming infant well-known enterprises of silicone rubber products!

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