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Not the same as the Christmas surprise

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Source:XZDClick:Date:2016/11/30 11:53:33

Not the same as the christmas surprise. Silicone teething necklace and nursing necklace for mammy. Beautiful and well made. My son loves to hold the nursing necklace diy and wave it around. He also loves chewing on it. It makes me feel nice to havea little something pretty and feminine around my silicone necklace  and he has something tokeep his hands and mouth off of my hair, glasses, and everything else! I love that it's neutral in color and would love to see some more neutral combinations(gray, black, and white...gray and black...black and white. ..you get theidea)! I hope to purchase a multicolored one, too. Kean Silicone efforts to meet the needs of more mothers.


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