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Baby Is Teething Period

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Source:XZDClick:Date:2016/12/8 16:24:21

As a mom, what isyour best way when your baby is teething period?

Here share myexperience.

My baby girl began to eat her fingers when she was 3months, below picture she seemed to say to me:”Mama, can you provide melovely teething toys? I do not like eat hands always.”

I am happy that after I work at KEAN, I know about silicone baby teething jewellery, silicone baby toys and silicone baby teether sand etc.My baby girl has so many choices for solving her teething problem. Sometimes I wear silicone teething necklaces and silicone teething pendants for her to suck and chew, sometimes I take silicone baby teethers and baby toys for her to grab and bite. She is very excited when she see different teething product designs I wear or provide.


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